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・It is possible to monitor the status (operation / stop / abnormality) of on-site automatic equipment / processing machines at low cost.
・It leads to improvement points of equipment and predictive maintenance.

Offers 2 options, Starter KIT and Basic KIT
Perform the work

 Records of operating hours, production numbers, etc.

 Recording of equipment stop factors (touch panel input possible)

Important trait

 Compatible with old equipment without communication function

 Because it is a box type, it can be immediately installed on site

 As a built-in systerm, there is no specialized knowledge is required

Case study

1. Application to Andon display system


   By connecting to a large LCD screen such as an LCD TV, the operating status of equipments can be displayed on a large screen without programming or a PC.
   Displayed information can be easily edited by a free drawing software( Easy Builder Pro) and is illustrated in form of line graph, pie chart, etc..
   Displayed information and oprerations on the screen can be changed by connecting UBS to IoT server.
   A power supply and an outlet are also provided as a set attached to the DIN rail, so it is easy to install near the display.




   Displayed information can be flexibly changed by drawing sofware (standard teamplate data is provided).
   If you have a PC, you can display from a remote location by connecting Ethernet to IoT server.
   A commercially available large display can be used, so it is possible to build a system at low cost (HDMI input is required).


2. Remote monitoring system application with analog data


   Data such as flow rate and temperature (4 to 20 mA, etc.) are sent to the IoT server via Wi-Fi and optional displayed on the PC (current value , types of graph, etc.)
   By using an SD card, data can be saved as a CSV file that can convert to Excel.
   By connecting the IoT server to the Internet, the same information can be checked from a remote PC (Android, USB dongle, etc.)
   Communication is up to 100m (without obstacle) between the wireless analog input unit and the wireless access point.




   When the IoT server is connected to Internet, it is possible to send imformation by email in abnormal situations
   The IoT server also selects with a display function (9.7 inches, 15 inches: both with touch function).


3. Tracking time using barcode


   Read machine type information from bar code on indicator,visualize the processing and setup time (CSV file).
   Processing time is from the interception sensor. The setup time can be taken by manual input to the HMI.
   Data can be taken from the control cable of the equipment without rewiring




   The acquired CSV file can be saved in USB memory, SD card, etc., and can be viewed and retrieved from the upper side via FTP.
   The barcode reader also supports 2D barcode (QR code).
   A multi-device management is possible by linking with the operation monitoring basic package.