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Robot System

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Robot System


■ Battery power cable production system

Overview of systerm:
Using robot and image processing technique to install heat shrink tubes and crimp terminal into battery power cable (wires are supplied from the machine with different lengths).


・PLC: Mitsubishi
・Screen: Mitsubishi 
・Robot: Kawasaki
・Sevor motor: Mitsubishi
・Robocylinder: IAI
・Vision: Keyence

■ Automatic processing machine

Overview of machine:
Systerm using articulated robot to supply and pickup products for automatic processing machine (lathe machine and casting machine).


・PLC: Omron
・Screen: Omron
・Robot: Yaskawa

■ Automatic pickup equipment

Overview of machine:
Using A 2D camera and an articulated robot to pick up works (three types) from a tray and place them separately on each shelf. The robot hand is automatically switched according to the type of work.


・PLC: Siemens
・Screen: Siemens
・Multi-axis robot: Epson
・Vision: Epson

■ Lunch box serving / packaging line

Overview of line:
Serving rice and fried chicken in prepared trays, then packaging the box and stacking up.


・PLC: Mitsubishi
・Screen: Mitsubishi
・Robot: Mitsubishi,Epson
・Vision: Essence, Mitsubishi, Epsion
・Robocylinder: SMC

■ Electronic cigarette filter production line

Overview of line:
Line supplies glycerine liquid into cigarette filter and measures liquid level.
If liquid level is OK, robot seals bottle with caps.
Another robot separates OK products and NG products. The final processing is engraving.


・PLC: Mitsubishi
・Screen: Mitsubishi
・4-axis robot: Epson
・Servor: Mitsubishi
・Robo cylinder: SMC